Graphitesend is a python library that can be used to easily push data into graphite using python.

Usage Example

Very basic sending of a metric called metric with a value of 45

>>> import graphitesend
>>> graphitesend.init()
>>> graphitesend.send('metric', 45)
>>> graphitesend.send('metric2', 55)

The above would send the following metric to graphite over the plaintext (default) protocol on port 2003 (default)

system.localhostname.metric  45 epoch-time-stamp
system.localhostname.metric2 55 epoch-time-stamp

Cleaning up the interface and using a group of cpu to alter the metric prefix

>>> import graphitesend
>>> g = graphitesend.init(group='cpu')
>>> g.send('metric', 45)
>>> g.send('metric2', 55)

The above would send the following metric to graphite

system.localhostname.cpu.metric 45 epoch-time-stamp
system.localhostname.cpu.metric2 55 epoch-time-stamp

Using graphitesend from the commandline

A cli script that allows for anything to send metrics over to graphite (not just python).

The usage is very simple you need to give the command a metric and a value.

$ graphitesend name.of.the.metric 666

Send more* then 1 metric and value

$ graphitesend name.of.the.metric 666
$ graphitesend name.of.the.other_metric 2

Example Scripts using graphitesend

The github repo of has lots of examples using graphitesend to grab data from your local linux system.